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Hijo Mio, no te aflijas?
No yo estoy aquí?
Qué no soy tu madre?
No estás bajo mi am-
No soy yo vida y sa-

Don't worry, Juan
   Diego: Am I not
I who am your
Are you not under
   my protection?


    The chapter's Hispanic outreach ministry features its devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, so dear to the heart of Latin America's spirituality. Thus, it is known as La Familia Guadalupana. It sponsors events throughout the year, raising money for Hispanic GLBT community needs and sponsoring the chapter's celebration of the Feast of the Virgin of Guadulupe in December, the Marian day in May, and Dia de los Muertos (All Souls Day) in November. A bi-lingual Mass is celebrated on the second Sunday of each month, at Dignity Center at 5:30 pm. To express an interest, send an e-mail that includes the words "Familia Guadalupana" in the subject line.

    La Familia Guadalupana endorses Las Memorias, a memorial wall in Lincoln Park to all who have died from HIV/AIDS; to learn more, click on Las Memorias.

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Spanish to go to the Spanish section of the Resources page of this website.

    Para cosas en español, click aquí.

Historia de La Familia Guadalupana

    La historia de Nuestra Señora La Virgen De Guadalupe, Reina de México y Emperatriz de todas las Américas, comenzó un fria madrugada el 9 de Diciembre, 1531. Ese es el momento en que primero se le aparaecío Nuestra Madre al Indio Juan Diego, cerca del Monte Tepyac en el Valle de México.

    Hoy dia, La Virgen de Guadalupe, la virgen morena de las Américas, sigue siendo un símbolo vivo. Ella no es solo al pueblo de México, sino tambien a todos los pueblos del Continente Americano.

    Cuando en Los Angeles se establecío en California el primer capítulo de "DIGNITY," una gran buena part de sus miembros eran de raices latino-americanas. Entre ellos, Mexicanos, Puertorriquenos, Cubanos, etc. La Familia Guadalupana nacío entonces con gran ayuda de estos jovenes latinos y campañeros no latinos de la comunidad Dignity, para mantener viva nuestra tradicíon Católica de veneracíon a la madre de Cristo.

    Durante los años, La Familia Guadalupana ha celebrado el Dia de Nuestra Señora cada 12 de Diciembre. Con la ayuda de nuestros sacerdotes organizamos la Misa, homenajes festivos religiosos. El dinero colectado en estas festividades es dirijado a varias organizaciones de servicios social que ayudan a las personas que estan viviendo con el VID/SIDA.

    La Familia Guadalupana de Dignity/Los Angeles .... vivo ejemplo de amor a nuestras tradiciones .... Nuestra fe Católica .... nuestro amor a la Madre de Cristo .... y A NUESTRA COMUNIDAD!


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A Brief History of La Familia Guadalupana

    La Familia Guadalupana is the Hispanic outreach ministry of Dignity/Los Angeles. It was created under the direction of Armando Balderrama in 1986. Armando, son of Mexican parents, was in love with his Indian-Hispanic heritage. His love of the Church and his devotion to our Lady of Guadalupe were of such magnitude that when he died of AIDS in 1994, he had established with deep roots the Familia Guadalupana of Dignity/Los Angeles.

    All in Familia Guadalupana take great joy in celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in December each year. She appeared to Juan Diego in 1531, requesting that this native of Mexico take her image and her roses to the Archbishop. She wanted to renew the faith of the Spaniards but also to convert the natives, despite their sufferings under Spanish rule.

    We GLBTs of this group, with great faith, continue the same struggle. We seek to improve our conditions and educate those who see us only through the eyes of prejudice.

    Just as the Church accepted the apparitions of the Virgin and just as Juan Diego is now venerated as a saint, so also the Hispanics of Dignity want to make the words of the Virgin of Guadalupe a reality. By seeking to increase understanding and love of Mary and to extend adoration of Jesus Christ, we also fight for our own Dignity. This is what we do in Familia Guadalupana.

    All Hispanic GLBTs of southern California are invited to become a part of Familia Guadalupana. We express ourselves through our own cultural heritage and in our own languages, in religious events and social events. We also extend an enthusiastic welcome to everyone else, including those of other races and cultures; to those who do not speak Spanish; and to those of other religions. Approximately half of our members are not Hispanic, and some speak very little Spanish; but we all celebrate together in whatever languages we share.

    Come, give us your ideas and your participation.

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