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               "The arc of the moral universe is long, but
                       it bends toward justice."

                                                                                                  Martin Luther King, Jr.

About Us

    Dignity is a prophetic voice for reform, in Church and Society. Wonderous how much easier it is to say so with conviction so many years after our small, first steps back in 1969 (the year of the Stonewall riots, that gave birth to the modern GLBT movement).
    Who can seriously doubt that once the Church admitted that being homosexual was not a choice for most of us, straights and gays alike would then refuse to deny us our sexuality? So the only "reason" that was left was how we express our love for each other; and that is an inadequate reason, one that cannot be credibly attributed to the Christ we know from the Gospels.
   So right now, if you have not already done so, click on Sexuality (here or under the banner found up top, on each page) to read our critique of the teachings of the Church. Read also what those teachings are, in the Church's own words in the Catechism and other documents (from the Vatican and from the American Bishops), as linked in the critique or found (or linked) on the Resources page of this website; and read Dignity's own Statement of Position & Purpose (click on SP&P, here or under the banner found up top, on each page) and a statement of its position on Sexual Ethics and its Guidelines on the pastoral care of GLBTs. Form your own conscience on the issues, in both a careful and prayerful manner. It is your duty to do so, as well as your inherent DIGNITY as a human being, created and loved unconditionally by God, who created you. See the Vatican Council II quote found in the box on our Home page.
    A final thought: one specific insight of Catholicism is that salvation takes place in community, including at the Eucharistic table, at Mass. We hope that you will join us in such celebrations, as often as you are able. Click Contact Us here or under the banner that is found up top, on each page of this website, for more information on how to get to Dignity Center (including a link to a Map with a zoom in and out feature, plus a link offering you specific Directions to Dignity Center).
    See you at Dignity Center.

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    Hi, I am Michael Rademacher, president of Dignity/LA. I use this column for my messages intended for all.

   Peace and joy to all of you. We find ourselves in very stirring times, with the world less peaceful. Likewise within the chapter, we grapple with issues involving serious concerns.
  We are reminded of our role in the larger Catholic Church, with the Pope making substantial changes by revolutionizing the interpretation and application of some teachings. He emphasizes mercy and healing, over the purely doctrinal and church discipline.
   We are reminded of Fr. John McNeill, an icon for Catholics struggling to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation. Shortly before his death, he said: "In some sense, it was my experience of a deep personal love relationship that led me to question the church teachings about homosexuality. I see gay love as a form of human love, just as valid as heterosexual love. It is a gift from God, to be celebrated and not to be condemned."
   Let us be deeply inspired by Pope Francis, re-casting the role of church in a time of such radical change that he has categorized our times as a new epic. May we always be emboldened by the liberating role of John McNeill, calling out inequalities in the Church, for the LGBTQ community in particular.
   Have you been with us for recent chapter events? It truly has been a busy season here at DIGNITY Los Angeles, and our various involvements are the dearest blessings that we share: We were there in support and enjoyment of the "Trans Celebration" on the opening night of the L.A. Pride Weekend (6/10). We spoke out in prayer and marched in solidarity with the Women's Ordination Conference as they made their presence known at the U.S. Bishops' Conference in Huntington Beach (6/14). We were commended for many years of discipleship and welcomed at the Annual Eucharistic Celebration of the L.A. Archdiocesan Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons (6/26).
   Along with these many community events, our spirit of fellowship has flourished in traditional fashion. We enjoyed an evening of entertainment with "A Chorus Line" at the Hollywood Bowl (7/30); and following that, we had a rousing annual Summer Party at a member's hospitable Arcadia home (8/06).
   In sum, it's been a challenging and activity-laden summer. We hope you have shared in it with us. On the fall schedule, we will be hosting a conversation (with a dinner) for the first Presidential Debate (9/26), celebrating our 47 years at an annual Anniversary Banquet (10/15), and marking the end of the liturgical year with a Homecoming Liturgy, with complimentary dinner (11/20). Please join us as our faith community grows in new directions; your place at the table has already been set!
   Please also join us for weekly liturgy, every Sunday at 5:30 PM at Dignity Center. Click on the word Map in the heading of any page of this website for a map to Dignity Center (with a zoom-in and zoom-out feature to help you find it).
   See you there!

Peace and Blessings,

Michael Rademacher
President of Dignity/LA

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