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Dignity/USA Convention in Philadelphia (2005)

Kevin Steen (left), chapter president, shares a light-hearted moment with Keith Kimball (right), his long-time partner, at the dinner-dance at the national Convention of Dignity/USA in July 2005 in Philadelphia. At the left in the background is Dignity/USA Executive Director Debra Weill, the first transgender person to serve as executive director of a major GLBT organization.
A contingent from Dignity/LA prepares the chapter's Banner for its participation in a parade of the banners from all of the chapters, at the Convention. Such a parade of banners is traditionally a part of every national convention. From left to right are Julio Spitalier, Saul Ferias, Dirk Farasey, Michael Macchierella, Keith Kimball, and Rico Cinco.
At the Convention, Bishop V. Eugene Robinson, the openly-gay man consecrated as the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, captures the attention of two former members of the chapter, David Valenzuela (center) and Bill Lamarche (right). David and Bill moved east from Los Angeles and became founding members of Dignity/Palm Springs, one of the newest chapters of Dignity in the nation.
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