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Dignity/LA Summer Party (August 2005)

Arturo Vargas, member of the chapter and editor of its newsletter, hosts a chapter Summer Party in August 2005 at his home on Mt. Washington. He strikes his best culinary pose as he prepares to BBQ a feast. It worked so well that he was "tied to the kitchen" for quite a while.
Party-goers enjoy the beautifully-terraced garden and the company of good friends. Under the umbrella, are Steve Leffler (left) and Henry Agueros (right); on the stone bench to the right, is Patrick O'Brien; and on the wooden bench facing away from the camera, are Gabino Cabanilla (left) and Rob Adams (right). Rob is a former member who now lives in the Palm Springs area and serves as Social Chairperson for Dignity/Palm Springs.
Harry Bartron (left) and Fred Kraft (right) use the Summer Party as an opportunity to conduct a book-signing event, in honor of Harry's just-recently-published book, "The Drummer Boy: A Novel of the American Civil War." Harry, the chapter's oldest member (he is 87), is a renowned poet and playwright, and now novelist as well; and his novel is available for purchase for $24.95 (plus S&H) by credit card, by phoning Vantage Press at 1-800-882-3273.
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