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Annual Xmas Party in 2006

Each year, the chapter celebrates the approach of Christmas with a Xmas Party, usually at the home of a member; and 2006 was no different in this respect. Traditionally, it is a potluck affair, plus collecting toys for poor children and holding a White Elephant drawing to help the membership rid their homes of all of those priceless treasures that they do not know what to do with.
In accordance with tradition, new unwrapped toys were collected at the annual Xmas Party. They are donated to local charities to help to ensure that no child has a Xmas without receiving at least one toy to mark the occasion.
The ages of chapter members varies widely, with Harry at the upper end at 89 years of age. He is shown here inspecting what the White Elephant drawing has yielded for him this year, though ultimately he opted to exchange this set of holiday beverage cups for something else. In the background is Tom, a prior owner of this set of cups, which have made multiple prior appearances in the chapter's White Elephant drawing at its annual Xmas Party.
Any item obtained in the White Elephant drawing can be exchanged for anything that someone else got earlier in the drawing. With this in mind, Jim carefully inspects the quality of the coffee pot that he drew, to determine whether someone else will actually end up with it.
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