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MOTA Day Excursion

Once a year, there is a MOTA Day (Museums of the Arroyo) on which tours of the six museums in or along the Arroyo (de seco) are provided, including transportation from one to the next. In 2007, MOTA Day was on May 20; and it became a chapter excursion as well. Though there were six separate stops/museums, the Museum of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) made for the most interesting photos; and some are below.
Three members grace an exhibit consisting of a very-well-maintained squad car from early in the last century.
This is a now-retired LAPD helicopter, well-maintained and well-displayed in the back yard or parking lot of the LAPD Museum.
Every police station has at least a small lock-up; and this is the one at the museum, which is itself housed in a former police station. Jail sentences were not served at such stations, but the facility did serve to hold captives until they could be transferred elsewhere.
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