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      Christmas Party (2008)      

  Each year in December, the chapter has a Chrismas party. In 2008, it was held on December 6, at the home of Bill & Henry. It was very well attended, and it included a seemingly unlimited range of potluck dishes. Attendees brought unwrapped toys suitable for a young child, so that the chapter could donate them to a local charity that takes on the task of helping to ensure that no child celebrates Christmas without receiving at least one toy. Also, in accordance with tradition, there was a White Elephant drawing: each of the participants drew a number at random; and when his number was drawn, he chose one wrapped gift brought by someone else for use in the drawing. After unwrapping it and showing it to everyone, he also had the option of exchanging it for the prize that any prior participant had drawn. The photos below shown some of the often amusing prizes and sometimes even more amusing results of insisting that someone else surrender what he had gotten for what you got.

At the party, Pedro opens the gift that he chose in the White Elephant drawing.

The clowning aspects of Timmy's character comes to the fore, we he plays coy over
the gift that he chose in the White Elephant drawing.

At the party, Jerry, Michael, and Henry (shown left to right) are shown at the party with
Michael and Henry keeping close tabs on Jerry's inspection of the gift that he chose
in the White Elephant drawing.

Henry appears to think that the jewelry that he chose in the White Elephant drawing
is a bit small; and his audience, Howard, Ken, Joey, and Keith (shown left to right)
appear to agree with him.

Patrick has made his choice in the White Elephant drawing; but he appears to be
stopping to make a judgment about its contents based on the type of the packaging.

Kevin appears to be making a careful evaluation of this choice before
deciding whether to trade it for what someone else got in the drawing.

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