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      DignityUSA Convention 2009      

Every other year since 1971, DignityUSA has held a national Convention; and the year 2009 was no different in that respect.  On July 2-5, 2009, the Convention was held in San Francisco; and it was well attended.  Numerous seminars/breakout sessions were held, interspersed with speeches and liturgies of up-to-date design.  Needless to add, there were also social events -- to give all ample opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and to meet old acquaintances and make new ones.  Below are several candid photos, taken at some of these events.

In the photo above, Mark Matson (national President) and Marianne Duddy-Burke
(national Executive Director (and past President)) confer during Saturday evening's
dinner dance.

In the photo above, Fr. John McNeill (groundbreaking theologian on GLBT issues,
former Jesuit, and Dignity member) places his arm around Charlie, his decades-
long partner.

In the photo above, four long-time members visit: Fr. Kevin Steen (Los Angeles),
John Nangle (Palm Springs), Sergio Guzman (San Fernando Valley), and Michael
Macchiarella (Palm Springs).

In the photo above, the Master of Ceremonies gives national Executive Director
Marianne Duddy-Burke her turn under the balloons archway.

In the photo above, a bunch from southern California (and, yes, there are some
from southern California who are missing from this photo) are gathered below the
balloons archway.

In the photo above, Peggy Burns, a long-time member and current national-office
Operations Manager, receives recognition from immediate-past-president Sam
Sinnett for her many years of dedicated service to Dignity.

In the photo above, are shown (left to right) long-time members Rosemary Ananis
and Janet O'Day, her long-time partner. Rosemary has had the honor of having
been ordained in the American Catholic Church and of having been subsequently
elected by it to be a bishop.

In the photo above, a bit of east-Coast frivolity takes over for a moment.

In the photo above, three Los Angeles chapter members visit: Fr. Kevin Steen
Tom Giancoli (its corporate Secretary), and Ian Gass.

In the photo above, past-national-president Pat McAron (San Diego) and his long-
time partner let their own photo-taking session be interrupted for a photo of them.

In the photo above, Javier (San Fernando Valley) and Dayne Navarro (Los Angeles)
enjoy a humorous moment during the dinner dance.
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