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      40th Anniversary Dinner (2009)      

  In the Fall of each year, Dignity/Los Angeles celebrates the anniversary of its founding in 1969 as the first chapter of Dignity.  In 2009, the chapter's 40th Anniversary Dinner was held on October 3, at the Hilton Hotel, in Pasadena.  The chapter's vice-president, Jerry Lippert, made the arrangements for the event and was the master of ceremonies. The guest speaker at the event was Fr. Geoff Farrow, the now-famous Fresno pastor who announced from the pulpit that he himself intended to vote against Prop 8 and lost his post as a result. Below are some candid photos taken at the Anniversary Dinner.

Jerry Lippert is shown above. Father Farrow is shown above.

At each annual Anniversary Dinner, the chapter recognizes long-standing and
faithful service to the chapter and the community, particularly by member(s) of
the chapter.  Tradtionally, an honoree receives a statue of an archangel to mark
the occasion; and in 2009, it was no different.  Above is a photo of 2009 Archangel
Awardee Jason Tveit, a past president and current liturgy chairperson, accepting the
honor with his archangel in hand.

In the photo above, long-time members Bill Briggs and Aldo Falcinella are shown.

In the photo above, Keith (right; Los Angeles) shows one of his Silent Auction winnings to partners Bill and David (left to right; Palm Springs).

In the photo above, Bill (Palm Springs) reviews offerings in the Silent Auction; and partners Jim and Raoul (Los Angeles) can be seen in the background, though only vaguely.

In the photo above, Henry (Los Angeles), whose national heritage overlaps that of Fr. Farrow, poses a question to Fr. Farrow in the wake of the latter's speech.

In the photo above, are shown (left to right in back row) Martín (Palm Springs), Dayne (Los Angeles), Bill (Los Angeles), Michael (Palm Springs), and Greg (Palm Springs) and (left to right in front row) Sergio (San Fernando Valley) and Javier (San Fernando Valley).

In the photo above, shown seated are (left to right) partners Jim and David (of far northeast suburbs of Los Angeles) and standing Tom (Los Angeles), along with Dayne and others (left to right) standing in the background.

The San Fernando Valley chapter was well represented at the event.

In the photo above, Frank (Los Angeles; left) and Jay (Los Angeles, right) pow wow while Bob (Los Angeles, center) looks on; and in the deep background to the left are Martín (Palm Springs) and Al (San Diego).

In the photo above, Frank (Los Angeles, left) chats with Al (San Diego, right), while Jason (Los Angeles, left) and Norbert (Los Angeles, center) can be seen in the background.

In the photo above, Julio (Los Angeles, left) gives old friend Artie (Los Angeles, right) a hug, to make the photo a memorable one for all concerned.

In the photo above, Tim (Los Angeles, standing at left) and Rob (Palm Springs, seated at right) visit; and in the Center, Tom (Los Angeles, standing) visits with seated partners Jim (with back to camera) and David (from the far northeast suburbs of Los Angeles). In the far background, master of ceremonies Jerry Lippert is at the left and guest speaker Fr. Farrow is at the center seated (in a Roman collar).
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