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      Christmas Party (2010)      

  Each year in December, the chapter has a Chrismas party. In 2010, it was held on Saturday, December 11, at a community building at the condo of Fred Kraft (thank you very much, Fred!). It was well attended and included a seemingly unlimited range of potluck dishes. Each attendee brings an unwrapped toy suitable for a young child, so the chapter can donate the toys to a local charity to help to ensure that no child will need to celebrate Christmas without receiving at least one toy. Also in accordance with tradition, there was a White Elephant drawing: each participant drew a number at random; and when that participant's number was chosen at random, the participant chose one wrapped gift (from the many placed under the Christmas tree) brought by someone else for use in this drawing. After the chosen gift has been unwrapped and shown to all present, the participant then has the option of exchanging that gift for the gift that any prior participant had drawn. Some photos below show some of the amusing highjinks that accompany this process.

At the party above, are shown (left to right) Bill and Kevin (standing) and Liz,
Norbert, and Jim (seated).

At the party above, Santa helps John inspect the gifts he has drawn.

At the party above, a gift package has been selected by Liz; but what is Santa up to?

At the party above, Jason seems uncertain (even with help from Santa) about
what to do with the gift that he has drawn.

At the party above, Jim sneeks a smooch from Santa.

At the party above, are shown (left to right in the front) Norbert, Artie, and John and
are shown (left to right in the back) Michael and Kevin. Norbert (seated at the left)
appears to be adding a bit of personal commentary on the proceedings.

At the party above, Santa helps Rob confirm that no gift is too small to be examined
with the greatest of care and interest.

At the party above, Tom and Santa appear convinced that even a very nice scarf
needs to be examined with care, lest another gift pop out from within.

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