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      43rd Anniversary Dinner (2012)      

  In the Fall of each year, Dignity/Los Angeles celebrates the anniversary of its founding in 1969, as the very first chapter of Dignity.  In 2012, the Anniversary Dinner for this 43rd anniversary was held in the Oak Room at the Sportsmen's Lodge Events Center, in Studio City, California, on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

  At the event this year, the featured guest speaker was Pax Nidorf, the founder of Dignity; and at the bottom of this page, there is a link to the text of his remarks at the event.  As an active priest at the time, he founded Dignity in 1969 by hosting meetings of concerned GLBT Catholics.  At the event, he was awarded a commemorative plaque to mark his role in the founding of Dignity and this anniversary of it; and below there are photos of him delivering his remarks and of the plaque.

  At the Anniversary Dinner each year, the chapter honors at least one individual with its Archangel Award, for his or her long-standing service to the chapter and the GLBTQ community. This year, the Archangel Award was given to Fr. Jim Maier, who is shown accepting the award in one of the photos below.

  At the Anniversary Dinner each year, the chapter also gives a cash grant to help support some worthy GLBTQ community cause.  The grant this year was given to ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives; and one of its representatives is shown in a photo below accepting the grant.  The archives already has a substantial collection of archived items regarding the history of Dignity, especially of the chapter.

  The chapter is in the process of gathering still more materials on its history. At the Anniversary Dinner this year, there was a presentation (under the supervision of Frank Miller) focused on a video (recently restored) of some early events in the history of Dignity. Footage featuring now-deceased Jesuit priest and chapter member James Fleck on early chapter dealings with the archdiocese was among the footage shown at the event.

 Chapter president Liz Larsen made the arrangements for this year's event; and she also served as the emcee at the event.

  Throughout the course of the evening, guests were invited to take part in a traditional Silent Auction.  It featured four tables of assorted treasures, gift items, and art works.

Below are some candid photos taken at the event:

The guest speaker at the event was Pax Nidorf (shown above), the founder of
Dignity. He was presented with a commemorative plaque (shown above, at the
left) at the event. Click here to read his speech.

At the celebration, Jim Maier (above) accepts his Archangel Award.

At the celebration, Jamie Scot (above), the Project & Development Manager at
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, accepts a cash award from the chapter
to help fund the archives.

Jamie Scot (above, at left), representing ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives,
at the celebration was accompanied by her partner, Melissa (above, at right).

At the celebration, Julio Spitalier (above) displays an item from the Silent Auction
that he organized and managed for the event.

At the celebration was found long-time member Norbert McNally (above). Earlier
this month (October 2012), he celebrated his 90th birthday with many gatherings of
people including numerous family members from both near and far. For the chapter's
first 20 years at its present location, he lived next door and kept the neighborhood
happy to have the chapter as a neighbor, to the great pleasure of the chapter as well.

The event presented a perfect opportunity to visit and renew old friendships. These guys are doing just that, with obvious pleasure; they are (left to right): Tom, Jason, and Dayne.

At the celebration, Michael (on the left) visits up with this year's Archangel Award
recipient Jim (on the right).

At the celebration, Fr. Peter with plant in hand pow-wows with Patrick (seated).

At the celebration, is Bill (on the left) now with the Palm Springs chapter and Jim
(on the right) now living in Lompoc.

At the celebration, Javier (on the left) from the San Fernando chapter and Keith
(on the right) of the L.A. chapter catch up on the latest.

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