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      44th Anniversary Dinner (2013)      

  In the Fall of each year, Dignity/Los Angeles celebrates the anniversary of its founding in 1969, as the very first chapter of Dignity.  In 2013, the Anniversary Dinner for this 44th anniversary was held at the Sportsmen's Lodge Events Center, in Studio City, California, on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

  At the event this year, the featured guest speaker was Rosa G. Manriques, the national Vice President of Call To Action and a candidate at Roman Catholic Women Priests. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to the text of her speech at the event.

  At the Anniversary Dinner each year, the chapter honors at least one individual with its Archangel Award, for his or her long-standing service to the chapter and the GLBTQ community. This year, the Archangel Award was given to Rev. Donna Owen, who is shown below with her award, in the form of a newly-designed statue.

 Chapter president Kevin Steen served as the emcee at the event.

 Below are some candid photos taken at the event:

Guest speaker Rosa Manriques (left) visits with new member Natasha (right)
at the event. Click here to read the speech of the guest speaker at the event.

At the celebration, Rev. Donna Owen (above) accepts her Archangel Award;
and this year, she is also celebrating the 12th anniversary of her ordination.

In attendance at the celebration from the San Fernando Valley chapter of Dig-
nity were Fr. Todd Scull (left) and chapter president Chis. Fr. Todd is celebra-
ting the 10th anniversary of his ordination this year.

At the celebration, chapter President Kevin Steen (right), who served as emcee
at the event, enjoys a light-hearted moment with his long-time partner Keith (left).

At the celebration, recent past-President Liz Larsen is clearly enjoying herself.

At the celebration, chapter Secretary Jason Tveit (left) and Donny.

At the celebration, Jim (left) and partner Raoul (right) all the way from Lompoc.

Celebrating: Larry (left) in all the way from Agoura, Tom (middle), and Patrick (right).

At the celebration, David (left) and partner Bill (right) from Palm Springs chapter.

Something seems to be amusing Julio (left), his partner Jay (middle), and the
chapter Treasurer Tim (right).

Dirk (left) and Jim (right) visit with Bob (middle) in from up in Lancaster.

Jim (left) and partner John (right), at the celebration,

At the celebration, Fred (left) hams it up with Jay (right).

This is a newly-created form of statue for
making the annual Archangel Award. It was
used for the first time at this year's event.

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