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      45th Anniversary Dinner (2014)      

  In the Fall each year, Dignity/Los Angeles celebrates the anniversary of its founding in 1969, as the very first chapter of Dignity.  In 2014, the Anniversary Dinner for this 45th anniversary was held at Taix Restaurant in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, October 11, 2014.

  At the event this year, the guest speaker was Jim Smith, national Program Manager of DignityUSA; and he is shown below in two of the informal photos taken at the event.

  At the Anniversary Dinner each year, the chapter honors at least one individual with its Archangel Award, for his or her long-standing service to the chapter and the GLBTQ community. This year, the Archangel Award was given to John Nangle, the chapter's webmaster and long-time member prior to moving to Palm Springs in 2008. He is shown below with his award in the form of a statue of an archangel, along with long-time chapter member Tom Giancoli who acted as presenter of the award at the event.

  At the Anniversary Dinner each year, the chapter awards a grant to a worthy cause that is related to the chapter's mission. This year the grant is awarded to the Trevor Project, which is dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide, particularly those that may be partly occasioned by problems associated with sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

 Chapter president Kevin Steen also served as the emcee at the event; and he is shown below in two of the informal photos talen at the event.

 Below are candid photos taken at the event :

At the podium is long-time chapter member Kevin Steen, who is currently the
chapter president and who was also the emcee at the event.

Long-time chapter members (before moving to the desert), David (standing at
left) and partner Bill (sitting at left) attended. During a prayer by Bill and while
those present faced in all four directions, one after the other, David was moving
among all those present to administer a traditional Native American blessing, to
get the celebration underway. Also present were two long-time chapter members,
Michael (standing at the right) and Arty (seated at the right).

Shown during the opening blessing are Rob (at left) and Dan (at right), both
from Palm Springs. In the center is Tim, one of the musicians who provided
musical entertainment for the event.

The 2014 Archangel Award is presented to long-time member John Nangle (at
right) by long-time chapter member Tom (at left). Despite appearances, they
are not quarrelling over the statue. The apparent laughter is being caused
by discussion over what camera angle would capture the best photo of the
presentation. See the bottom of this page for a close-up photo of the statue.

Shown are long-time chapter members and partners Michael (at right) and Aldo
(at left), both of whom have dedicated countless hours to serving the needs of
the chapter over the years.

Shown are two long-time chapter members, Larry (at left) and Tim (at right). Tim
is currently chapter treasurer (and engaged in keeping the event "in the black");
and he is also the current contact person for the chapter webmaster, to help to
keep the website on an even keel.

Shown are Dan from Palm Springs (at left) and long-time chapter member Tom
(at right) who has led the chapter's choir at the keyboard for many years. Dan
recently moved back to Palm Springs after living for several years in St. Louis
with partner Jim, who died late last year.

Shown are long-time chapter members Jim (at right) and his partner John (at
left). Jim is a past-president of the chapter.

Singing to piano accompaniment by Tim (shown in one other photo above), is
Eulis (who is also a good friend of long-time chapter member Jason).

Shown, left to right, are getting-ready-to-clap (Jim), starting-to-clap (Amber),
and actually-clapping (Donna, Amber's partner). Jim is the program manager
DignityUSA and was featured speaker at the event; and Donna was recipient
of the 2013 Archangel Award. Left unrecorded was what all the clapping was
about, but notice that someone (at lower left) is not showing an intent to clap.

Shown, left to right, are long-time chapter members Patrick and Fred.

Shown are two long-time chapter members, partners Jay (at left, who seems
to be checking up on the photographer's activities) and Julio (at right, who
seems to be seeking to benefit from the the opening blessing underway). In
the background, is Sergio in a group from the San Fernando Valley chapter.

At the right is Kevin, chapter president and emcee for the evening; and at the
left is partner Keith.

Shown above is a photo of the Archangel
Award statue, as presented at the event.
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