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     INDEX & LINKS To Things That Only Members Can Access

This web page is an index to things on this website that only the members of Dignity/Los Angeles can access. To access them, one needs to have both an assigned username and a password. If you are a chapter member but have difficulty in gaining access to this index or any of the things that are indexed on this page, please contact the chapter membership chairperson for assistance.

Usually, the first column below will contain the only link that you will need to go to that item. In some cases, however, the second column may (eventually) have a variety of links; for example: one link for the current version of the item and other link(s) for prior versions of the item (or a further index to prior versions of the item, with links to them).

You can return to this Index from any listed item by clicking on the Back arrow of your browser (or on any Back To Member Index link there). You can also do so by clicking on the Home link in the banner at the top of each page of this website and then clicking on Members Only in the banner at the top of the Home page; but using the latter method will use the same restricted route that you used originally (and that may require re-entry of your username and password, unless you have your computer remember them for you (but be sure not to have any computer but your own secured home computer remember them! Never have an internet cafe computer or a computer used away from your home remember them.

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Short Explanation Of Item

Activism This website now contains a page that lists events sponsored by others but which may be of interest to members. It includes an explanation of how that page operates.
IRS Rule (New) The IRS in mid-2006 issued a new rule in re needing receipts for all charitable contributions for which a charitable deduction is claimed. Use the link to the left in the Item column for more info.
Lay Convocations There is a movement afoot in the larger, institutional Church to hold Lay Convocations (that are sometimes called a Lay Synod, although technically Canon Law says that only a bishop can convene a synod). Each Lay Convocation is a major meeting of the faithful in a region, called by lay persons primarily for lay persons; and the purpose of each is give voice to the opinions of lay people and to spur them to action to improve the institutional Church. This website now contains a page that indexes various documents on this website that are related to the Lay Convocation movement; and it includes an explanation of how that page operates. Become more active in church reform by consulting that index and participating in activities referenced there.
Membership Directory This is a list of chapter members, along with available information as to their home address, e-mail address, and home telephone number. At this time, the listed information is still in the process of being verified/updated from a prior printed version. Indeed, any such list is truly in need of virtually constant updating. If you see an entry that needs updating, please contact the chapter membership chairperson; but if it is information on you that needs to be corrected or updated, please feel free to submit that updated information directly to the webmaster of this website as well.
Ministers Assignments Periodically, the Liturgy chairperson publishes assignments, to assign specific individuals to various roles for various chapter liturgies to take place over the succeeding several months. To see the current assignment sheet, use the link to the left; and note that often there will be more than one page, so scroll down to see the whole document.
Jan-Febr 2006
A copy of a now rather dated edition of the chapter newsletter, called the Angelus. Eventually, additional editions may be added to this website as they are published and thus be accessible on this website, by way of additional links from this Index page.
(Some highlights of the chapter's history)
This is a timeline of some of the major events in the history of the chapter, as developed at the time of the celbration of its 40th anniversary at its annual Anniversary Dinner in October 2009. Submit any proposed additions and/or corrections to the webmaster of the chapter's website at any time, for consideration at the time of the next periodic update of the Timeline.
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